What is a Functional Hybrid Resume? When Do I Use It?

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When you’re creating a resume, one of your first objectives will be deciding how to format it. You want your resume to highlight your best skills and earn the attention they deserve. But at the same time, you also want your resume to be eye-catching (see what I did there?!) and easy for the hiring manager to scan and locate information.

The modern resume is shifting to a hybrid style, which is a combination of chronological and functional. Chronological resumes take viewers through a historical timeline of your work history, while functional resumes focus on specific skills and experience.

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Could a hybrid provide the best of both worlds? And more importantly, is it the right format for your dream job?

Why a Functional Hybrid Resume can be a Great Resume Format

The Functional Hybrid resume format has been touted as a top format for various reasons, largely because it has shaken up the traditional format to give recruiters something new and exciting.

The hybrid format combines the best features of a functional resume and chronological resume, with an initial focus on skills and later supporting the job history timeline.

This format has been shown to help candidates break through job seeker systems like Taleo because of its easy-to-read layout.

When a Hybrid Makes the Most Sense

The hybrid resume format is becoming a go-to option, particularly for certain types of job seekers:

  • Those who are changing careers. If you have a solid work history in a field and are wanting to break into a new industry, the Hybrid’s emphasis on skill helps you transfer your related talents.
  • Those who are re-entering the workforce. If you’ve had to take some time off from work (e.g. layoffs, illness, new baby, etc.) and are ready to start fresh, the Hybrid format will emphasize your skills first so that the gaps in work history may not be as immediately obvious.
  • Ex-military personnel entering the civilian workforce. Military skills can easily translate to civilian work, with the right verbiage. Front-loading these skills show the hiring manager exactly what you’re capable of.

Get Help with a Functional Hybrid Resume!

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