How Do I Promote My Online Presence for a Job?

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The internet has forever changed the way we search for jobs. Nowadays, the majority of job searches include some form of online search, whether it’s through a popular job board, social media, or company website.


Likewise, recruiters are also taking to the digital airwaves to find top talent, or at least learn more about the candidates they’re considering.


If you’re searching for a job, it’s in your best interest to use digital channels to your advantage. We’re sharing some top tips on how you can promote your online presence for a job and increase your chances of making a strong first impression:

#1 - Build an Online Brand

Creating a professional brand doesn’t mean you need a catchy tagline or clever advertisements. But it does require you to think about the image you want to present, and then stay consistent with that image in everything you do online.

 Many job seekers will create their own website, blog, or portfolio to show off their accomplishments. 

If this sounds like a good option to you, make sure you infuse your brand into the content and design. These tools should help you to sell your skills and personality, as well as set the right expectations for when recruiters finally get to meet you in person.

#2 - Post an Up-to-Date Resume

Fine-tune your resume, then make it readily available for anyone who wants to see it. You can post your resume on LinkedIn or on your portfolio or website.

Your resume should be detailed enough to paint the right picture, but concise enough to encourage people to read it. The average recruiter spends about six seconds reviewing a resume, so be selective when choosing what should take up valuable real estate space.

#3 - Grow Your Social Network

Growing your network, both online and offline, can ultimately determine your net worth. Though you want to build an online presence, it’s essential you don’t neglect the physical world around you. Take on some volunteer opportunities that can help you meet people, then connect with them online. You may discover the companies and people they associate with, which could be an “in” to a lucrative new opportunity.

 social networking

As you grow your social network, use your channels to promote yourself. Show off the projects you’re working on, talk about something you’ve learned, or share some ideas you had. You don’t have to post something every day, but maintaining an active presence helps to keep you top of mind and boost your visibility.

#4 - Get Referrals and Testimonials

As you grow your professional network, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or testimonials. Ask them to leave you a recommendation or review on your social media pages, or a testimonial you can use for your portfolio.

Having someone else vouch for your skills can be invaluable as a job seeker. It shows recruiters up front that other people have been happy with your work and can help to build trust and confidence in your abilities.

Put Your Best Digital Foot Forward

Are you maximizing your online presence during your job search? It’s important to put your best foot forward at all times — because you never know who might be watching!

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