What Do I Need on My Sales and Marketing Resume?

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Getting a job in sales or marketing sounds like a dream come true! Jobs typically pay well above average, plus your role is usually tied directly to the company’s success. It’s a thrilling career choice, but you’ll never get the chance to prove your worth without a top-notch resume to earn you an interview.

Let’s dive into what you need to include on your sales and marketing resume that will stand out to hiring managers and give you the opportunity to show off your skills:

Focus on Results

Jobs in sales and marketing are largely focused on metrics. You’re hitting quotas, maintaining a high win ratio, tracking response rates, or otherwise watching numbers climb.


Sharing specific results in your resume will show you’re no stranger to the industry and know what it takes to be successful in the role. If you have job experience in the field, you might highlight your best email marketing campaign stats or what you contributed to revenue growth in your best year.

Numbers tend to stand out on resumes, so stash them in prominent places where they’re sure to get noticed.

Understand the Skills the Job Requires

Sales and marketing jobs have one of the most diverse skill sets of any career, but knowing the most essential skills, along with being confident of your skills, will give your resume a boost.

Aside from the analytics, hiring managers will value strong oral and written communication, presentation skills, attention to detail, delegation, and time management. Budgeting and all things numbers will also play to your favor, as will trendy, creative marketing knowledge, such as:

  • What strategies or methods are currently popular?
  • Which campaigns are reaching the most clients?
  • What forms of media are most popular among your target market right now?

Make sure you review the job posting carefully to see exactly what the job entails so you can tailor your resume appropriately.

Highlight Computer and Software Knowledge

Much of the marketing and sales world incorporates some form of software or online services, such as CRM, marketing automation, or email technology. Though it might sound as generic as saying cars have four wheels, you should emphasize your knowledge on those specific systems that you’re familiar with. Even if companies don’t use specific tools, it shows you’re well-versed in similar components and can carry over your working knowledge.

Is Your Sales and Marketing Resume Selling Your Best Skills?

As a hopeful sales and marketing candidate, your first objective is to sell or market yourself! Your resume should serve as a powerful tool that shows the company why they need to hire you. If you can market yourself well, they’ll know you’re an obvious choice for their team.


Is your current resume helping you market yourself well? Schedule a consultation today and learn how to put your best skills forward to create a winning sales and marketing resume!