How to Find Remote Jobs

With remote jobs on the rise, there is a great appeal to the idea of being able to work from home, or really from anywhere. It gives you more...

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How to Make a Career Change

So you have reached a point in your career where you are ready for something new. The job you have just isn’t fulfilling or challenging enough, or...

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Do You Dread Interviewing?

Oh this is one of the toughest parts of the job search / career change. 

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Don’t Apply to that Job! (Yet)

I know filling out applications is tedious. Make sure you ask yourself these questions before wasting your time and being upset by no responses or...

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Does Age Matter When Applying to a Job?

“Am I not being hired because I’m too old?”

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Email Follow-up Templates

So, you want to follow up after connecting with someone at an event? Here are a few templates you can use:

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How To Quit Your Job AGAIN

So you’re resigning your fourth job in 2 years. It’s quite understandable that this job searching process is not always easy, but should one not...

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The Best Times to Look for Jobs During the Year

I’ve mentioned before that there are best days and times of day to apply for jobs, but is there really a “best” time of the year to be looking for...

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"Over-Qualified"? The Employer's Perspective

When you're applying for jobs, being told that you're being dismissed because you're "overqualified" for a job you know you could do well is...

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